Training and Certifications:

CLT-LANA (Certified Lymphedema Therapist by the Lymphology Association of North America)


Vodder School of Lymphatic Therapy (Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage, and Combined Decongestive Therapy)

*Austria and British Columbia 


Harvard Medical School Lymphedema Symposiun

*Boston, MA


Foldi Clinic (Advance Courses in Lymphedema Therapy)

*Hinterzarten, Germany


OWCS (Optimizing Wound Care Strategies) for the Lymphedema Therapist)

*Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy


Elvarex Certifed Fitter (Compression garments for lymphedema maintenance)

*Philadelphia, PA


Owen Institute of Wholistic Sciences (Massage Therapy Training)

*Silver Springs, DE


Orthopedic Massage (Waslaski Method) 

* Orlando, FL


Myofascial Release (John F. Barns Method)

*Minneapolis, MN


Associates for Creative Wellness (Shiatsu)

*Marlton, NJ


Graston Technique / ASTM

*Sommerset, NJ




University of Pennslyvania WISER Study on the effects of Exercise, Nutrition, and Lymphedema Education, Evaluation and Treatment on 351 patients. (Employed as a Lymphedema Therapist in a 4 year study)