I have congenital lymphedema in my lower extremities. My condition got progressively worse in my early forties. I started seeing Monteo for lymphatic drainage sessions. He has extensive training and thoroughly understands the lymphatic system. My sessions relieved congestion and inflammation in my lower extremities.These sessions were very relaxing therapeutic and it brought down my swelling tremendously. He also showed me how to "wrap" my legs feet and ankles, with compression bandages, when I didn't have access to custom compression garments. When it did come time to order custom made garments, Monteo helped me choose the right ones and taught me how to put them on properly. (Depending on the compression, pulling on these garments can be challenging) When I have become frustrated about my chronic condition, Monteo will not let me give up! He is one of the most resourceful and caring therapists, that I know! He has helped me more than a lot of the lymphatic doctors whose care I was under. There is no way I could go about my normal daily life without his care and assistance



I just had my final session with my Lymphedema Massage Therapist, Monteo Myers, and I am thankful for everything! My arm feels and looks as it should.  I appreciate everything he taught me about lymphedema and as well as the exercises and his time. Monteo, you are simply the best!!!

.....Judi Blue


"I had liposuction done on my thighs and a mini tummy tuck and needed lymph massage to help with the swelling and in order to dissolve the hard spots and the fat nodules on my belly after the procedure (they are a natural occurrence after this kind of surgery). He took care of everything in 3 sessions, and I feel lucky I found him. I had lymph massage done on me in another country so I knew what is a good one. And as soon as he started working and explaining his work, I could see he knows what he is doing. He is a great professional, reliable, on time and personable."

......Ana G.


Ok! This past Monday.. I got the "go ahead" to resume all physical activity. My herniated disk pain is no longer at a "10", it is at "0" now. Now I can dance, do yoga, lift weights, walk briskly, ride a bike, dance some more, run, play hopscotch, sashay, skip, Jete, dance Bachata, and Bop .....
Shout out to Monteo Myers, my dear friend who really assisted in getting rid of the pain. Please contact this man if you need massage, lymphatic drainage, and other kinds of massage therapy. He is an amazing therapist, healer, and human being!

....Michelle Cunningham, Vocalist, Carnivale


I battled lymphedema for over 10 years, with little to no result. I finally obtained significant reduction and control, after treatment by Monteo Myers. Thank you Monteo!

....Helen Brown, Verizon emoloyee, retired.


If you wear stilettos, you NEED a Monteo Myers Massage.

....Vicki Woodlyn, Vocalist, City Rhythm Orchestra


Going to get a Monteo Myers Massage...Hallelujah!....Amen!

....Kim Bailey, Philadanco


I am very grateful for the healing Monteo has provided over the years. His expertise and certification in many modalities, has helped me recover from injuries, release tension in over-taxed muscles, and relieve pent-up emotional stress from the challenges of modern life. His knowledge and technical skills are more than a massage therapist. Monteo is a highly effective energy-healer, who heals body, mind, and spirit.

....Djuna Wojton, Reiki Master, astrologer, healer, and author of Karmic Healing 


The Bellanina Facelift Massage by Monteo is fabulous! My face looks and feels great!

....Trina Martin


Due to a spinal injury, I had been to many doctors. The major problem was swelling, due to inflammation.  Being no novice to a healthy lifestyle, I understand the combination of traditional and alternative care.  The benefits of the initial 30-minute session, convinced me to continue my treatments consistently as a current patient.

 Monteo is not an M.D.  But I can’t help referring to him as Dr. Monty.

....Gina B.


Monteo is an extraordinary massage therapist. He really listened to me, when I talked about my complaints, and knew just what to do. With his experience, education, and love for his profession, Monteo helped me to significantly reduce my aches and pains. I am so thankful for Monteo!

....Robin Campbell